Privacy Statement

Our services have to be connected instantly with those people who are most important to them. For example, any registered user of Mera Bihar can send a message, which is public by default, and may contain a message content such as links to photos, videos, and other websites.

This Privacy Policy explains how we collect and share, and share your policy in our websites, SMS, APIs, email notifications, applications, buttons, embeds, advertisements and our other cover services, which this policy Linked (collectively "the Services"), and from our partners and other third parties. For example, when you use our services on the web, via SMS, or send an information to us from an application, when using any of our services, as described in our Privacy Policy, you can store, transfer, archive, Disclaimer and agree to use your information. It contains any information that you choose to provide which is considered sensitive under the applicable law.

When this policy "we" or "us," it refers to the controller of your information under this policy. If you live anywhere in the world, then your information is controlled by Mera Bihar. Regardless of this, you are solely responsible for the posting of your content submitted and responsible by the services provided in the Terms of Service.
Regardless of which country you live in, you authorize us to transfer, store and use our information in the country where we work. In some of these countries, privacy and data protection laws and regulations, when government officials' data may be used, then they may be different from the place where you live. If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please send an email to

Information Collection and Use

Basic account information: If you choose to create a Mera Bihar account, you must provide us with some personal information such as your name, username, password, email address or phone number. In Mera Bihar, your name and username are always publicly listed, which is also included in your profile page and search results, and you can either use your real name or username. You can create and manage many Mera Bihar accounts.

Contact information: You can use your contact information, such as your email address or phone number, to customize your account or to enable some account features, for example, for login verification or through SMS Mera Bihar If you provide us your phone number, then you agree to receive a text message from us at that number. We use your contact information to help you find information about our services, marketplace, spam, fraud or abuse, and to help you find your account through third-party services and client applications. Can do for You can use your settings for email and mobile notifications to control the information received from Mera Bihar. You can unsubscribe from a notification by following the instructions contained within the information or instructions on our website. Your unprivileged privacy settings control whether you can find others in Mera Bihar by your email address or phone number.

Additional information: You can choose to provide additional information to help us improve and personalize your services in our services. For example, you can choose to upload and sync your address book, so that we can help you find and connect with the users you know about or find other users and connect with you. Help. We can personalize content such as making suggestions or posting user accounts and messages for you and other users, depending on the imported address book contacts later. You can remove your imported address book contacts at any time by visiting your contact dashboard. If you email us, we can keep your message, email address and contact information in response to your request. If you connect your account to your account on another service with your account, then another service can send us information authorized for use in the services. This information may enable cross-posting or otherwise help us to improve the services, and your account will be removed from your services on the other service within a few weeks of being disconnected from your service.

Post, Follow, Lists, Profiles, and other public information: Mera Bihar is mainly designed to help you share information with the people of Bihar in the world. Most of the information you provide us through the post is information that you are asking us to make public. You can provide us with information such as small information, your location, your website, date of birth, or a picture of its Additionally, your public information includes messages posted by you; Metadata provided with the post, such as when you posted and the customer message you used to post messages; Information about your account, such as construction time, language, country and time zone; And the lists you have listed, you like or share, the people you follow, broadcast or otherwise click on Mera Bihar (by commenting or unleashing) Mera Bihar is comprehensive Formally and instantly inform your public information to a wide range of users, customers and services, including search engines, developers, and publishers. That which drives Mera Bihar material into its services and organizations, such as market research firms, which analyzes trends and Insights when you share information or content such as photos, videos, and links through services or services, you should be careful what you are doing publicly. We can use this information to create anonymity, such as what you can be interested in. Our default is almost always through your services until you delete it, but usually we give you the settings or features, such as secure post, if you wish, the information will be more personal for creating some profile information fields, we provide visibility settings to choose who can see this information in your profile. If you provide us information about the profile and you do not see the visibility settings, then this information is public. You can change the language and time zone associated with your account at any time available at Mera Bihar website, using your account settings.

Direct messages and non-public communications: We offer some features that allow you to communicate more privately. For example, you can use direct messages to interact with other Mera Bihar users. When you personally communicate with others through our services, like sending and receiving direct messages, we will process your information and process and information related to them. Please note that if you interact with the public shared with you through a direct message, for example, by choosing a shared post through a direct message, these interactions can be public when you send personal messages, please remember that recipients can copy, store, and re-share the content of your communications.

Location information: We can get information about your location. For example, you can choose to publish your post and your location in your Mera Bihar profile. When you set your trend location on Mera Bihar website, you can tell us your location. We can also set up location using other data from your device, such as precise location information from GPS, information about wireless networks or cell tower near your mobile device, or your IP address. To provide our services, we can use and store information about your location, such as allowing you to post with your location, and to improve and optimize services, for example use of our location , tips to follow people with local trends, stories, advertisements and more relevant content and even how to set your position preferences.

Link: We can keep track of how we interact with links in our services, by redirecting through clicks or other means, including our email notifications, third-party services, and client applications. We do this to be able to improve our services, provide more relevant ads and share aggregate click statistics such as how many times a click was clicked on a particular link, shared direct messages, such as links to services, Posts and non-public communications will be processed and links will be shortening and share.

Cookies: Like many websites, we use cookies and similar technologies to collect additional website usage data and improve our services, but we do not require cookies for many parts of our services, such as find and see that public user profile. The cookie is a small data file that is transferred to your computer or mobile device. In order to monitor overall use by our users and web traffic routing on our services, and to customize and improve our services, we can use both session cookies and persistent cookies to better understand. Although most web browsers automatically accept cookies, some browsers settings can be modified to decrease or modify cookies when a website is trying to keep a cookie on your computer.
Using our services: When you discuss content or otherwise with our services, we also receive information, even if you have not created the account ("Log Data"). For example, when you visit our website, sign in to our services, interact with our email notifications, use your account to authenticate in a third-party website, application or service, or use your account go to third-party websites, applications or services Mera Bihar content is included, we can get information about you in this log data, your IP address, browse It may include type, operating system, referencing web page, visited pages, your mobile carrier, device information (including device and application id), search term or cookie information. When you click on links to our services, link to third-party applications or interact with them, we also receive log data, such as when you choose to install another application through Mera Bihar We use log data to create inferences, such as what topics you may be interested in, and customize the content that will be displayed on the ad to do we keep the required log data for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. We can either remove or delete log data to any common account identifier, such as your username, full IP address, email address or phone number, after maximum 12 months, if not sooner.

Advertising: Our services are supported by advertising we can use the information described in this Privacy Policy to make our advertising more relevant to you, to measure its effectiveness and to identify your equipment. We do not use content that you directly share to display ads. Our Mera Bihar Advertising Policy also prohibits advertisers targeting ads based on categories that we consider sensitive, such as race, religion, politics, sex life or health. Mera Bihar adheres to the Digital Advertising Coalition Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising (also called "Interest Based Advertising"). If you wish, you can opt out of interest-based advertising by unchecking the personalized ad in your personalization and data settings, we will not use information from the browser (and the account to log in users), On which you will not be eligible to receive interest-based advertising, and interest based ads from Mera Bihar in that browser or account.

Third-party and affiliate: We can get information from third parties about you, such as other Mera Bihar users, partners (including advertising partners), or for our corporate affiliate example, other users may share or disclose information about you as if they mention you, share your photos, or tag you in a photo. Your privacy settings control which you can tag in a photo. Our advertising partners and partners can share information with us, such as browser cookie id, mobile device ID, or email address, as well as demographic or interest data and content viewed or action taken on a website or app. Our advertising partners, especially our advertisers, may be able to gather similar information from our website or app by uniting our advertising technology. Personalization across your devices: When you log in to your account with a browser or device, we will add that browser or device to your account for purposes such as authentication and personalization, depending on your settings, Other browsers or devices used to log in the experience in the community, but also on the basis of information based on They are For example, if you go to websites with entertainment content on your laptop, then we can show you ads related to entertainment in Mera Bihar for Android. You can control whether you link your account to the browser or devices that you use to log in to Mera Bihar settings.

Mera Bihar for web data: We can personalize services for you based on your visit to third party websites, in which mera Bihar content has been integrated such as embedded timeline or Mera Bihar button when you visit these websites on our If you see content, then we can get log data in which the web page you visit is included, we will never allow this web browsing history to include your name, e Mail address, phone number, and we delete it after 30 days, obscure or add to the total. We may use interests or other information that is derived from this data to improve our services and to personalize content for you, such as tips for people to follow, ads, and other content that will allow you to May be interested.

Information sharing and disclosure

User Consent or Instructions: We may share or disclose your information in your direction, such as when you authorize a third-party web client or application to use your account, or when you authorize us with a business Instructions for sharing feedback. When you use Mera Bihar to sign up or log in to third party applications, you are instructing to share your contact information, such as your phone number, with that contact. If you have shared direct messages or protected messages with any other user, by using third party services, to reach Mera Bihar, keep in mind that information can be shared with third party service.

Service Provider: We are engaged to service providers and to provide services in India. For example, we use a variety of third-party services to help make our services available, like hosting our different blogs and wikis, and understanding and improving the use of our services like Google Analytics. Help us In accordance with this Privacy Policy and any other appropriate privacy and security measures, and third parties use your personal personal data only on our behalf and according to our instructions, your personal personal information with such service providers can share. . We share your payment information, your credit or debit card number, the expiration date of the card, the CVV code and billing services, with payment services for payment procedures; Prevent, detect and investigate fraud or other prohibited activities; Dispute resolution like chargback or refund; And for other purposes related to the acceptance of credit or debit card

Law and Loss: Regardless of this Privacy Policy, if we believe that it is necessary to comply with law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, we may preserve or disclose your information; To protect the safety of any person; To address fraud, security or technical issues; Or to protect the rights or property of us or our users, however, there is nothing in this Privacy Policy that it is intended to limit any legal security or objections in which you may have a third party, including the government, There is a request to disclose your information.

Trade transfers and affiliates: In the event that we are involved in the sale of a bankruptcy, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring or properties, your information may be sold or transferred as part of that transaction. This Privacy Policy applies to your information as transferred to the new entity. We can also disclose information about our corporate partners about us to help us provide, understand and improve the services of our services and our partners, including distribution of advertisements.

Public notice: We may share or disclose your public information, such as your public user profile information, public posts, or people you follow or who follow you: Remember your privacy and visibility settings Controls whether your posts and some profile information are public. Other information, such as your name, location and username is always public in Bihar, unless you remove your account.

Non-Personal, Integrated, or Device-level information: We may share or disclose non-private, aggregated or device-level information such as the total number of people associated with the post, especially for users who click Number is a voting (even if only one) in a post, voted or voted, features of a device or its user when available for receiving an ad on the topic is posting about a particular place, or a level-report about users who saw or saw device advertisers on their ads or clicked on. This information does not include your name, email address, phone number. However, we can share non-private, aggregated or device-level information with partnerships with organizations that use data in your possession to link your name, email address, or other personal information. can do. The information we have provided to them; these partnerships get your consent before doing this. You can control whether Mera Bihar shares your information under these partners.

Accessing and modifying your personal information

If you are a registered user of our services, we provide tools and account settings and are linked to your account to access, correct, delete or modify the personal information you provide. You can download some account information including your post.

You can permanently delete your Mera Bihar account if you follow the instructions given here, your account will be deactivated and then deleted. When deactivated, your account, your name, username and public profile, cannot be seen on It is still possible to restore your account for up to 45 days of deactivation if it has been accidentally disabled or incorrectly. After 45 days, to increase your inactivity period, the absence of a separate arrangement between you and us, we start the process of removing your account from your system, which can take up to a week.
Keep in mind that search engines and other third parties can still retain copies of your public information, your user profile information and public posts even after removing information from your business services or deactivating your account.

Our Global Operations

To provide you the services, we work around the world. If you have a complaint regarding a privacy shield, please contact us at As part of our participation in the Privacy Shield, if we have a dispute with us regarding the principles to follow, we will try to resolve it through our internal complaint resolution process.

Changes to this policy

We may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. The most current version of the policy will control the use of your information and will always be on If we make changes to this policy, then in our sole discretion, the content is, we will notify you through an email to the email address associated with your account. In order to use or use the Services after those changes have been effective, you agree to be bound by the Revised Privacy Policy